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Iowa State in front of the Colosseum

Global Sports Management began its journey in 1991 when two former college basketball coaches decided to bring their knowledge, skills, and experiences to the world of college athletic events. Under the direction of president Maury Hanks, Global Sports Management basketball teams toured the country providing competitive exhibition games for some of the top NCAA division men’s programs. It quickly became apparent that Global Sports was ready, willing, and able to deliver an exceptional product that not only met but regularly exceeded expectations. This was just the beginning of Global Sports Management’s impact on the college basketball scene.

On the heels of its exhibition team success, Global Sports Management developed its own events. At the beginning the focus was on the D-3 Desert Classic, a tournament that soon would become the largest D-3 basketball tournament in the country. Featuring some of the top D-3 men’s and women’s teams in the country, the D-3 Desert Classic became a must-attend event for D-3 basketball programs and enthusiasts. This was clearly evident by the number of repeat participants in the tournament.

Global Sports Management didn’t stop at the D-3 level. Since 2007, GSM has promoted 40 multi-team events. These events have attracted some of the highest ranking programs in men’s college basketball and have been featured on national television.

The next addition to the Global Sports Management brand has been taking college teams on overseas tours. NCAA teams have gone to play international competition in North America and Europe while enjoying wonderful accommodations and competition, all arranged by Global Sports. As with all Global Sports Management events, foreign tours are loaded with quality at more than competitive costs!

As Global Sports Management reflects on its first 20 years, the focus is on the next 20. The goal is to continue to provide quality college basketball events that promote the competitive spirit that Global Sports Management has represented throughout its 20 year existence.

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